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Jogi angol (Intermediate)

1. Melyik prepozíció mely pontozott helyre kerül?

against, for, for, for, on, to, to, of

to bring a case ..... someone
to be liable ..... something
to sentence someone ..... a punishment
to claim damages ..... something
to be entitled ..... compensation
to be guilty ..... an offence
to fine someone ..... something
to advise a client ..... specialist legal issues

2. Az adott szavak közül melyik mely kipontozott helyre kerül?

Appointments, small talk

arranged, catch, getting, get, get, suit

Did you have any problems ...... here?
I didn't quite ...... your name. Could you repeat it, please?
Did you ...... that report I sent you?
When would ...... you? How about next Monday morning?
That sounds fine. Can I ...... back to you later today to confirm it?
I'm afraid I won't be able to keep the appointment which we ...... earlier. Could we find an alternative time?

Suggestions, agreeing

agree, be, entirely, make, react, seemed, specific, suppose

Can I ...... a suggestion?
I'm not really sure about that, to ...... honest.
How did the manager ...... , when you arrived late at the meeting this morning?
Frankly, he ...... quite angry.
I agree ...... with you.
I couldn't ...... more.
I ...... so, but let's think it over again.
Could you be a little more ...... ?


go back, have, interrupt, move, summarise, take

Could we just ...... to the point about the extended working hours?
Could I just ...... you for a moment?
Could you ...... the minutes?
Do you all ...... a copy of the agenda?
Let's ...... straight to the first item.
Can I just ...... what we have discussed so far?

3. Milyen típusú dokumentumokból származhatnak az alábbi részletek?

A. You have been appointed to the position of personnel manager.
Your annual holiday entitlement is 25 days which cannot be carried over.
Your commencing salary is there £20.000 per annum, paid monthly in arrears.
The date of commencement of your continuous service with this company is 1 January 2015.

B. Finally, I shall of course, be only too pleased to supply any prospective employer with a reference on your behalf.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need clarification.
On behalf of the company, I would like to thank you for the services you have given us in the past and wish you every success in the future.

C. I should be grateful if you would read the enclosed carefully.
I look forward to hearing from you.
I refer to your letter of … then you confirmed are instructions to act for you in this matter I will be pleased to do so on your behalf.
I will deal with this matter personally and I am an attorney with the firm.

Jogi angol (Upper- Intermediate / Advanced)

Choose the best answer!

1. ........... is rules which determine how cases are administered by the courts.
a) substantive law
b) procedural law
c) civil law
d) criminal law

2. It's possible to begin trading as a company by purchasing a ............. which is already registered and having its shares transferred.
a) ancillary corporation
b) parent company
c) shelf company
d) partnership

3. ................. , which provides that the other parts of an agreement continue to be in force in the event that some of the provisions are held illegal or unenforceable.
a) A time of the essence clause
b) An assignment clause
c) An exclusion and limitation clause
d) A severance clause

4. Sale, known as completion, when payment is made and the .............. is passed to the purchaser, usually takes place at a completion date specified in the special conditions.
a) articles and memorandum of association
b) draft contract
c) summons
d) deed of transfer

5. .................. , also known as law of nations, was traditionally a question of custom, i. e. countries behaved towards each other as they chose, and rights came from military power.
a) Public international law
b) Supranational law
c) Renvoi
d) Private international law

6. .................. , also known as conflict of laws aims to solve disputes involving individuals and businesses from more than one jurisdiction.
a) Public international law
b) Private international law
c) Commercial law
d) Comparative law

7. In a company it is the legal person (the company itself) which could be sued. The owners can lose no more then their investments. In other words, they have .................
a) diplomatic pressure
b) corporate responsibility
c) limited liability
d) impartial interests

8. .............. is a term in legal English for deliberately doing something which is legally or morally wrong, e.g a crime.
a) Misfeasance
b) Malfeasance
c) White-collar crime
d) Tort

9. Every contractual obligation in a contract gives rise to a corresponding ................
a) contractual duty
b) contractual right
c) acceptance
d) agreement

10. Which could be the best choice for these lines?
'I wonder if you wouldn't mind talking me through the essentials? I've just received the translated agreement and wanted to check on a couple of things.'
a) It is from a lawyer-client interview.
b) It is from a letter of invitation.
c) It is from a letter before action.
d) It is from a simulated arbitration.

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